Delay Box Wiring Diagram

Delay Box Wiring Diagram - custom diagrams mrc negative coil trigger nitrous basic staging dimensions wp1 2 wp3 old product instructions bm1 2 bracket master delay box cc1 2 mand center delay box co1 co2 crossover delay models if 1 interface unit mot1 multiple output timer pct1 practice christmas tree rpm1 rpm switch rtd 6 7 four digit reaction time delay span class news dt oct 25 2018 span nbsp 0183 32 my car is wired with a slight variation of the ohiomafiawiring diagram the harness in my car has the leads going to the delay box split into two separate plugs instead of just one the benefit is that when the box is removed i connect the two plugs left in the car to each other pleting the tb circuits for no box mode delay boxes elite 95 elite 600 elite 625 elite 700 elite crossover the little wizard mega 450 mega 475 discontinued products elite 500 3 digit 4 digit 4 digit plus crossover crossover plus digital viewer.
1014 scr 1014 ctc 1020 scr the little box mega junior mega jr w 4 stage timer mega 50 mega 60 mega 75 mega 85 delay box instruction manuals mega 50 or 75 formerly known as the mega jr and mega jr w 4 stage timer pdf version mega 60 or 85 pdf version mega 100 or 200 pdf version mega 300 or 400 pdf version mega 350 or 450 pdf version elite 95 pdf version elite 500 pdf version elite 600 pdf version elite 625 pdf version elite 700 pdf version span class news dt dec 27 2013 span nbsp 0183 32 i have just fitted a mega 450 box into our car need some help to wire it the car was previously a manual with a digital 7 koni electronic shock control box to control the penski s i am hopping that somebody can look at my wiring diagram tell me were i need to tap into here is a link to the wiring diagram selectable function k r performance racing delay boards dialboards wiring products and accessories.
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